Henna Art

We offer henna art tattoos for you either in our trailer at the festivals, or mobile at your own event.  offer our henna services in our trailer at the festivals, and also mobile for smaller events. It’s a great idea if you’re after something special for a party, wedding or event. We also do belly blessings if you’re expecting. This is a lovely and unique way to bless the baby and expecting mum with an individual henna design.

Festivals: We have a choice of designs for you to choose from. They range from your more traditional mehndi styles to floral patterns. But as we freehand our henna tattoos, we can do anything you request in a style that suits you.

Small Bookings: We can arrange a package for you and your event. We cover henna parties, bridal parties and belly blessings. Contact us for a tailored package and an accurate quote.

We use only 100% natural henna, this gives us and you peace of mind it’s skin friendly. No nasty added colouring has been added to the henna, which can cause skin damage. As we only use natural henna this comes out brown. Each henna tattoo may differ slightly in shade depending on your skin type. We use a natural oil after the henna has dried to deepen the colour to a rich dark brown/orange.