Our Boutique

We take our online boutique to the festivals with us. If you can’t catch us there, be sure to check out our online store.

We have a range of vintage clothes, accessories, handmade jewelry and festival must haves. We don’t sell your usual vintage clothes, each one has been customized to be completely unique. We’ve lovingly redesigned each piece into something quirky for your wardrobe.

Our handmade jewelry range is all natural things we have foraged and made into a one off unique piece. We like to find unusual pieces of drift wood, wrap natural wool around it and make it into a necklace. We also love to go to the beach and find beautiful shells to create unique bracelets. Have a look at our store and find out where each piece originated from before we hand crafted it into jewelry.

Our accessories range is full of fun sunglasses perfect for the festivals. They are revamped into dramatic statement pieces. We use a range of materials and let our imagination run wild. We also have some one off vintage pieces such as metallic shoes and furry bags.

We also stock festival must haves for your summer. They are useful and stylish at the same time. We have glittery hip flasks and create your own festival flags, amongst many other cool things.

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