Glitter and Sequin Embellishment

At the festivals and events we have an impressive selection of different glitters and sequins to choose from for a super glam look.

Eyes: We offer a choice of either one eye or both eyes to be done. We can cater to anything you like. If you fancy something subtle or outrageous, we’ve got it covered.


Lips: Fancy a sparkle on your lips? We can provide you with our glitter lips. We use a special body glue fixes the glitter to your lips all day long. You can choose to go for a single colour or a complete rainbow.


Beards & Eyebrows: We have been glittering up the guys with our glitter beard service. This looks really cool and we think every guy with an impressive beard or moustache should give it a go.


Hair: We can sparkle your hair up too if you fancy something different. This looks really great on partings or an all over blasting.


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