Temporary Tattoos

We have a huge selection of temporary tattoos for you to choose from. This ranges from glitter, to lip, eye and metallic ones.

Glitter: There are many stencils to choose from for your glitter tattoo, and we can also freehand a design if you have a particular one in mind. There are many colours of glitter to choose to make your tattoo your own. Our glitter tattoos will last on the skin for up to 3 days with our special, skin friendly body glue.

Metallic: We have a great selection of metallic tattoos for you. These range from sugar skulls, to geometric patterns, and we have one that you can wrap around to look like a bracelet, armband or necklace. You can choose to go for a bohemian look or for a bolder statement look. These will last up to 3 days and you can choose where you like to wear your tattoo.

Lip & Eye: These tattoos are unique and look great once applied. We have a few designs for you to choose from. We have polkadot, american flag and animal print designs for your lips, and cat eye designs for the outer corner of your eyes. They are a great bold statement look that will last for up to 2 days. The lip patterns are brighter than any lipstick and have great intricate detail making them stand out.


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