Wedding Package

We offer a completely unique, different and exciting wedding package for you.

There are several options for you to choose from as we offer quite a few different services. The most popular choice we do is hiring out Face Box Boutique as the full festival package with all the services we do at festivals, along with the photo booth. We have adapted the trailer inside especially for this use. All the services we offer can be easily added or taken off the trailer for you. We like to give you total control over what you would like on your special day. We are very flexible and will tailor to exactly what you would like, just let us know what you are after in your enquiry.

The trailer looks exciting and intriguing to guests, and covers a wide audience. It’s a bit of a statement piece compared to the usual photo booth. Another great thing is we can operate day or night, and in any weather the Great British skies throws at us. All quotes we give you will be inclusive of all costs, such as travel and staffing. We will tow the trailer to your wedding and set up in time for when you would like to use it.

About our Photo Booth for Weddings:

We hire the trailer as a photo booth to you for your special day. The trailer is completely dedicated to operating solely as a photo booth, or with the option of the full festival package. We cover all the walls and shelves with props for all guests to come in and grab. We then get each group who enters the trailer set up in position ready for their photo shoot. They then start the count down timer themselves on the interactive screen. After the guests have taken their photographs, they have a choice if they would like to edit them with a filter, and print them off. In under a minute the pictures are printed for each guest and everyone can take home their memento. Each strip will have a logo at the bottom of specifically what you would like it to say, should you choose this option.

We can cater from smaller to larger weddings with as many prints as you have guests. We found the photo booth to be very successful for weddings as it supplies great entertainment for all the guests, as well as the bride and groom. It attracts people of all ages to be involved and enjoy the entertainment. It’s also a great gift from you to your guests

Full Festival Package:

With the full package, we offer our extra services that we do at the festivals as an add on in addition to the photo booth. These include professional face painting, glitter glam, henna tattoos and hair braiding. They’re usually a great add on if you have a specific festival/outdoor theme, or just fancy something a bit different at your wedding. What ever you have in mind, we can tailor to what you like.

We will also be offering the special touch of a personalized guest book for you. We print off an extra print from the photo booth of everyone and place it inside the book, along with a personal message from your guests to you. They can either sign it with either finger print stamps or their own personal message.

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